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I'm not asking for this, but would you ever post a whole video you made during sex or is it too personal of a thing for you?

It depends. It’s super intimate. Plus, usually it has us laughing and giggling and telling each other sweet things as we make love. I don’t know if people would like that as much as they like raw fucking. I wouldn’t really mind though. 

Ask me awkward questions!

First sex, bleed?

Nope, thankfully not!

ask me awkward questions! :p

Awkward Ask Hour!


No question will be unanswered, you can ask anything.

Oh ma god I see your boooobieeesss

Lol yeah, haha. I felt awkward at first xD I don’t like my boobs. It’s the one thing I would change about myself honestly >.<

do you find feet attractive? :)

No. Feet scare me. I don’t touch anyone’s feet except for my son’s and my husband’s. Even then it still bothers me. I only touch them if they’ve been washed recently.

You both film your sex? Oo

Yeah occasionally. It’s fun :) I mean we’re married and secure with each other, so I don’t see the issue. :) I actually really enjoy it (lololol especially if there’s bloopers)

I love you and your blog

Thank you so very much :3

What have you been up to today?

Not much! Hanging out with my family and cooking for the most part.


Oh, how I adore you my sweet wife.

Ugh I love you too now stahp being so cute :p

You're married?? You look so young:o

Thanks! I get that a lot. Yes I am married :3

Awh the post of your husband that you reblogged! Aren't you just the happiest. I think you're a wonderful little family. So sweet

Thank you! I really am, he makes me so happy. He is so sweet to me.

If you steal any of my poetry, I will call you out on it. It’s not okay to steal what someone works hard on. DO NOT change the source to any of my poetry, ever. Thank you.

"Grey Snow"